Hi, I'm Annik. Sydney-based freelance B2C digital copywriter and gentle lover of words. With the power of SEO and the magic of a genuine human voice, I can make your website work harder to achieve your business goals. 

Who is Annik?


I've been a copywriter for ten years, penning crafty copy for big brands and small businesses alike. I've also been working with my own websites and blogs for the last decade, so I understand how digital channels work and I know how to use the Google machine.

I write in many different forms, but my specialty is creating high quality, SEO-powered content such as:

  • editorial articles or blog posts for your website

  • emails (acquisitions, onboarding, customer engagement, and cross-sell/up-sell)

  • landing pages

  • video scripts

  • product descriptions

  • in-app content



Got a rough draft that needs polishing up? Let me transform your copy into professional, useful content your users will love.

Great for:

  • blog posts

  • email newsletters

  • web pages


Need content written from scratch? Send me a brief and I'll create simple, easy-to-read copy that your users will understand in a flash. 

Great for:

  • education or editorial content

  • financial services

  • insurance, telco & tech


Get a quick sense-check on your copy. I'll make sure it's error-free, grammatically correct, and laid out so it's easy to read and understand.

Great for:

  • terms & conditions

  • brochures, menus, catalogues

  • emails, articles, CVs & portfolios

Style guide creation

A style guide sets out your company's rules for creating content. It includes things like how to write dates, numbers, lists and headings.

Great for:

  • any organisation with more than one person creating content

  • ensuring consistency

  • making your brand look professional and trustworthy


3 reasons to invest in your content

#1 Attract more visitors
Publishing good quality, useful content on a regular basis makes your website rank higher on Google, so you'll see an increase in organic traffic. And if your content is really good, people will share it with their friends on social media.

#2 Educate your customers
People like to buy things from brands they can trust. So use your website to show your customers that you're genuine, smart and helpful.  Good content will prove you're the authority on personal finance, fashion, pest control, or whatever your business does.

#3 Increase your conversions
Once your website is bringing in more visitors and impressing them with incredible content, you're guaranteed to see an increase in subscriptions and sales leads.



"Annik understands what her audiences like to read and how Google likes to read, that's why the copy she writes is both creatively engaging and effective for SEO."
Hugh Munro, Head of Planning at BMF Australia

"I worked with Annik on a daily basis during my time at McCann Sydney and I could not imagine working with a better creative partner. She is a fantastic writer who has a unique ability to bring humour into any situation. She has a proactive work ethic that is second to none and she's constantly thinking strategically. Most of all, Annik has a brilliant mind and is always thinking differently."
Shelby Craig, Creative Director at MediaCom Los Angeles

"Annik is one of the funniest and most engaging writers that I've come across. She also has the rare ability to communicate often serious and important messages through her humour, without losing touch with the reader. I'd definitely recommend her if you're in the market for a creative copy writer that will take your campaign to the next level."
Nicole Lutze, freelance writer


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